For a very long time we have thought it important that Dr. Hall’s story be told and Hall Ways to Success and Significance does that from the perspective of a protégé grateful to his mentor.

For those of us who knew this truly humble but scholarly giant of a man whose ideas were ahead of his time, the book evokes fond memories and some new insights.

For those who have not had the good fortune to meet Dr. Hall in person Hall Ways to Success and Significance will help them to get to know him, understand what was important to him and respond to his invitation to become successful and significant.”
Doug Rath, Chairman; Kimberly Rath, President; Sandy Maxwell, Managing Director; co-founders with Dr. William E. Hall of Talent Plus ®, Inc.


Hall Ways to Success and Significance is truly a labor of love and a fitting tribute a worthy disciple could pay to his ‘Master’ or Guru.”
Madhu Rao, Executive Director and CFO of Shangri-La Asia Ltd.